Hello, long time fans!
With the passing of the eclipse a new era is revealed.
We have arrived. We are pushing through. We are seeking your help
to get to the top to provide you with a new tool
to fight for your dreams of success and lifystle.


We have endured refactors. From procedural to object orientented
to service based apis. We have survived migrations. From desktops to laptops
to smart devices. From server blades on the ground to virtualized cloud computing in the sky. We have lasted through bad investments choices and misguided investor advice. From deaths in the family and deaths in technology. Put on fire sales and liquidations. From side projects to side jobs. None of which got us outside. But we are still here. Despite everything. We refuse to give up. We refuse to quit. We are determined to deliver our product to the mases.


The original codebase that started LSDweb was created in 2007 as a basic blog app. It has evolved over time to match and meet current day requirements. With the amount of dificulties we have faced both in business and personal life we are holding a bit of debt we are hoping to clear to finalize our working protype and improve profits to aquire the staff we need to go viral. We are looking to raise 150k through donations, sales through our product or through investors that want to own a piece of our company, our product and share in our revenue. Please contact us via email: Invest (at) LSDweb (dot) com if you would like to discuss options. We have other assets up for grabs to eleaviate our debts that might be of interest.


If you have the time, the financial means, the ability to assist us test our app.
We are asking 1000$ a Month - Per Deployment to use our platform.
Please click: Pay Now to begin with our process to begin building.

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